Founded in 2003 by Yannick and Stéphane FRANT, ILO Créatif is a design agency dedicated to providing shape and sense to projects put in their care. The agency has grown a network of partners, design and technical consultants as well as manufacturers allowing them to provide full support right up to the production stage of your project.

fleche ETHOS

To thrive on the sheer diversity of areas they get involved with: from high te ch, sports, furniture, industry, cosmetics to spirits, and in order to keep updating their technological intelligence as well as keeping track of up and coming trends. To master and offer a range of techniques and materials which will best serve your products performance.


ILÔ Créatif design your projects with a view to answer your needs and requirements in terms of unity, quality, efficiency, seductiveness and meaning seeing as if you are to be specialists in your respective fields, we owe you perspective and innovation.

fleche SKILLS

The wide range of skills within ILÔ Créatif make them a multidisciplinary creative hub that happily mix analysis, research, rough, desktop publishing, CAD, 3D imaging, website design, modelling, prototyping as well as manufacturing and production control.